It’s been a month and three days since Nevada’s first COVID-19 case and 22 days since Governor Sisolak ordered all casinos closed (and a few days later, ordered all non-essential businesses closed under threat of fines or license revocation. 

I reflected back on the last three months of the crisis and what got us to where we are. Nevada’s current level of “soft-quarantine” is non-essential businesses being required to close and people are still allowed to leave home. Governor Sisolak has essentially threatened martial law if people fail to social distance. 

When the COVID-19 Coronavirus began its sweep across the world, like many, I thought it was a joke. 

“The U.S. only has one case. It’s not a big deal.”

“The U.S. only has one death. It’s not a big deal.”

“Nevada has only one case. It’s not a big deal.”

“Nevada has only one death. Who cares?”

Then Nevada’s governor, Steve Sisolak, announced on March 17 (the unluckiest St. Patrick’s Day ever) that all Nevada casinos will be required to close for thirty days. After thirty days, he will reevaluate the situation. Since then he has extended the closures to May 1.


I work at a casino, and I’m thanking my lucky stars that my job is considered essential, so I’m still working. My heart goes out to anyone who is out of work and has lost income. 

Now Italy has gone to pot. Their healthcare system is collapsing under the weight of the multiplying cases. 

Spain has gone to pot. Same deal.

Now New York has gone to pot for the same reason. 

Check out the numbers from Worldometer.

Any counties whose medical systems collapse will experience a sharp increase in death tolls. 

Nevada is still early in the game with around 2000ish cases and 60ish deaths which is spot on with the known fatality rate of 1-2%. When the NV shutdown was announced, there were 55 cases and 1 death. People keep touting the small fatality rate, but they’re not realizing that this is with access to a fully-functioning hospital. Italy and Spain’s fatality rates have ballooned to beyond 10% due to the collapse of their healthcare system. 

To say the least, I’ve seen the error of my ways and how dangerous this disease is. 

These are crazy times we’re living in and we’re seeing things we’d never thought we’d see. New York City has had 1/4 of their paramedics and 1/5 of their police call out in recent days. Property crime is up and violent crime is down (makes sense since folks are fortified in their homes). Donald Trump, the most capitalist president in our lifetime along with other Republicans are pushing “emergency socialism” to keep people whole while they’re forced out of work. 

My hours are cut and my wife is temporarily laid off. Many of our friends are laid off. News is depressing. Even though I’ve got things pretty easy compared to others, it still makes me feel bad seeing everyone suffer around me. I hope all of you are doing well and are hanging in there. Stay healthy, keep your spending down, and things will get better.