The Works of Larry Correia

Larry Correia is bar-none, my favorite author of this day. The crazy thing is that before I read the first “Monster Hunter International” novel, I had a debate with him where I ended up eating a nice big serving crow. In 2007-2008, I had gotten wind that after failed attempts at seeking representation, he would […]

Philosophy: Supporting Friends

Several friends of mine on social media have posted the above meme on Facebook and Twitter. How I feel is totally determined by what you mean by “support.” I wish all of my friends well in their artistic endeavors. Hell, I think everyone should have some sort of hobby/endeavor of creating something. I tend to […]

Philosophy: Firearms

It seems like when you discuss firearms on social media, the most vocal owners are the ones who have been engrossed in gun culture their entire lives. Usually, their parents teach them, take them hunting, or to the range. Though their posts and videos are wonderful to check out, the more interesting firearm owners are […]

Leo’s Lesson: If You Have a Pet, Get Insurance

For decades, people in the US have argued about the importance of having health insurance (and having GOOD health insurance at that). I make sure my wife is double-covered (using insurance from my job and her job together) because she’s high risk. I’ve seen people at doctor’s offices who’ve had trash health insurance get gouged […]