FLtA Podcast in the Works

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and it’s for two reasons. First, I’ve had some things in my personal life taking up my time. Second, it’s because I’ve also been working on transitioning this blog from the written word into an audio podcast with my wife. More info to come.

Deagon’s Bluff Released

My good friend, Ken Kiser, just released his second full-length novel, “Deagon’s Bluff.” I thoroughly enjoyed his first novel, “Fifthwind” and am looking forward to reading this one. He also has a short story, “A Lion in Kamerun” featured in the collection, “Heroika” and another short, “A Foulness in Auldwood” published a la carte or […]

Take the “S” Off Your Chest!

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. All legal opinions are educated guesses. People can get really sensational on social media, I mean REALLY sensational. My wife and I were watching the Netflix documentary on the Hotel Cecil and the Elisa Lam death. It was crazy seeing how many self-appointed sleuths on social media thought they […]

Warnings & Tragedies: A Balancing Act

Back in February 2020, I wrote this comedic piece about bicyclists who ride in vehicle lanes and why I thought it was an all-around bad idea. Later, tragedy hit the outskirts of Boulder City, NV when a box-truck plowed into a caravan of bicyclists, killing five and injuring many more. It was a tragedy and […]

2020 Las Vegas Small Business Saturday Recommendations

Hope you all enjoyed your black Friday shopping today. I’m going to keep this post short. On Small Business Saturday tomorrow, please keep these businesses in mind if you’re in the Las Vegas area… (or shop online if you’re not) Copper Cat Bookstore Amber Unicorn Bookstore (going out of business) Shall We Play A Game? […]

Let the Right One In Halloween Movie Review

Most of this is my review after having just seen the movie in 2008, previously posted elsewhere.  I also have a review of the book here.  I first heard about “Let the Right One In” on Rotten Tomatoes where they displayed the red band trailer. The blurb was that Guillermo Del Toro gave the film […]

Stupid Stuff Writers Do to Literary Agents

Last updated 10/21/20 Because I keep finding more and more of these on Twitter, I am curating a list of “Stupid Stuff Writers Do to Literary Agents” directly from the keyboards of the agents themselves. This will be an ongoing addendum to my article on “Abuse and Stalking of Literary Agents.” For advice on how […]

October 2020 Housekeeping

A few noteworthy things: -Due to the widening focus of topics I’ll be covering, I’ll be renaming the website and will have an additional domain of www.foxliketheanimal.com. The old URL of www.bryanfoxjr.com will still work for the foreseeable future. My wife had made a good point that I needed a catchier sounding name for the […]

Why Dave Ramsey Carries a Gun

I will cite a lot of Dave Ramsey’s tenets in this article. If you’re in a tight spot with your finances and don’t know where to start, his books will give you direction. His YouTube page is also a good, free resource. Financial radio host Dave Ramsey has made it no secret that he owns […]

COVIDIOTS: Stimulus Check Shamers

A while ago on a social media site, an author and a freelance editor got into a spat because the author decided to purchase a firearm with her stimulus money. They got into a debate over the issue which grew pretty nasty and I’ll refrain from revealing both of their identities for this reason.  So […]