Take the “S” Off Your Chest!

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. All legal opinions are educated guesses. People can get really sensational on social media, I mean REALLY sensational. My wife and I were watching the Netflix documentary on the Hotel Cecil and the Elisa Lam death. It was crazy seeing how many self-appointed sleuths on social media thought they […]

You Are NOT in the Tour de France

When I was young, I learned about bike safety and I’m sure most of you did too. There’s lots of good advice for bicyclists that carries well into your adult years like wearing a helmet, using signals, having lights or reflectors on your bike/gear. But for some reason, grownups tend to forget one piece of […]

Why We Mourn Celebrity Deaths

Yesterday, everyone was surprised by the death of retired basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in the tragic Calabasas helicopter crash. Ten years ago, I would have wondered why everyone was freaking out. Had you died, Kobe probably would have no idea and would not have attended your funeral, so why make a […]

The “Sith Apprentice” Coworker

Everyone with a sense of drive wants to get ahead in life. Usually this is in the form of a promotion in the workplace. This goal entails an increase in both pay and prestige. The problem is–you guessed it–the spot above you need to become vacant.  In Star Wars, it is tradition for the apprentice […]

Schmagents: Perverted Predatory Agents

This one’s been blowing up big on Twitter the last 48 hours… When it comes to predatory agents, everyone instantly starts thinking of the schmagent-types trying to scam you out of your money. Stuff like the Edit Ink scam or ones who want to charge you upfront come to mind. Nope, we’re not talking about […]

The “Phoebe Terese”

It was a rite of passage for every elementary school aged kid to watch “Magic School Bus” on PBS. It was a great show back in the day. Remember Phoebe Terese? She always beat the drum about how her “old school” was different. Well, every workplace has a “Phoebe Terese.” Well, at least until their […]

That Friend Who Always Rains On Your Parade

This memory has been burning on my mind lately, so I’ll rant about it. Lots of social circles have that friend who will almost never be happy for anything good that happens in your life. They’ll always put you down. Seriously, why can’t you be happy when something happens to your friends? If you’re truly […]

Don’t Be “The Motormouth Narcissist Writer”

I’ve shied away from a lot of writer’s groups because most of them have that guy in it. You know who I’m talking about. It’s who I call the motormouth narcissist writer. I’ve been in two writer’s groups who have had this personality type among them and I hope you’re not one of them. They’re […]

Don’t Be a “Gump”

In both writing and other social circles, I’m seeing more and more of a certain personality type. My coworkers have come to call this personality type, the “Gump.” They usually have a very outgoing, alpha personality (a bit different than the character portrayed by Tom Hanks). The real reason we call them a “Gump” is […]