Soldiers of Earthrise 2 Early Review Incoming

Soldiers of Earthrise 2: Earthlings by indie sensation Daniel Arenson is going to drop Monday December 16, 2019. Daniel was nice enough to send me an EARC of the book for me to review on here. I’m hoping to post it before the release date, but I’m leaving that up to Daniel’s discretion.  My review […]

Review: Watersong by Hannah Conrad

I stumbled upon Watersong as a featured book on Booksprout. It’s about a young Fey (fairy) boy named Aslan and a young woman named Briar who end up orphaned, discovering they are fire and water guardians respectively and go on a crusade against the evil Ishtak. While there were some good ideas and some spots […]

2019 Las Vegas Small Business Saturday Recommendations

Hope you all enjoyed your black Friday shopping today. I’m going to keep this post short. On Small Business Saturday tomorrow, please keep these businesses in mind if you’re in the Las Vegas area… Amber Unicorn Bookstore Copper Cat Bookstore Dragon Castle Bookstore Dark Moon Coffee HI Coffee Cafe My Mother’s House Italian Restaurant Case […]

The “Phoebe Terese”

It was a rite of passage for every elementary school aged kid to watch “Magic School Bus” on PBS. It was a great show back in the day. Remember Phoebe Terese? She always beat the drum about how her “old school” was different. Well, every workplace has a “Phoebe Terese.” Well, at least until their […]

To Pay an Editor or Not?

I had another blog post ready for today, but since this is a hot topic on writing Twitter, I just belted this one out now. So should you pay an editor or not for your manuscript? It depends on your goal. If you’re going after traditional publishing, then I would recommend against it. Most agents […]

That Friend Who Always Rains On Your Parade

This memory has been burning on my mind lately, so I’ll rant about it. Lots of social circles have that friend who will almost never be happy for anything good that happens in your life. They’ll always put you down. Seriously, why can’t you be happy when something happens to your friends? If you’re truly […]

Review: The Four Before Me

Why You SHOULD Judge a Book by Its Cover

It’s a phrase you always hear from your role models when growing up:  “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Yeah. I get it. It’s good to not be superficial. You’re reading the blog of a cheapskate who drives an inexpensive car, owns an inexpensive phone, wears inexpensive clothes, and is by no means a […]

Review: Midway

Hope you’re hungry for another WWII review, because I’m coming at you with Midway! Midway mostly entails the reenactment of the Pearl Harbor bombing, the Dolittle bombing of Tokyo, and the titular Battle of Midway. It’s directed by disaster movie mogul Roland Emmerich and has an all-star cast.  I’m not going to go into what […]

Review: Last Christmas

Two Tuesdays ago, we saw the advanced screening of “Last Christmas.” I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend you see it despite its flaws. It’s from the director of “Bridesmaids” so you know there’s going to be some good, vulgar humor (although not as much as what was in Bridesmaids). Last Christmas follows a selfish, […]