Soldiers of Earthrise 2: Earthlings by indie sensation Daniel Arenson is going to drop Monday December 16, 2019. Daniel was nice enough to send me an EARC of the book for me to review on here. I’m hoping to post it before the release date, but I’m leaving that up to Daniel’s discretion. 

My review of SOE 1 brought my blog about triple the normal traffic, which I’m extremely thankful for, so I’m always happy to shill for Daniel’s work which is of great quality anyway. I highly enjoyed SOE 1 and now is a good time for you to get caught up before SOE 2 drops. 

This SOE series is an interquel series taking place between the main Earthrise Series and the Children of Earthrise Series. Neither is required reading before starting the SOE series.  Arenson also writes the ongoing fantasy series Requiem as well as other stand-alone books.