Review: White Winds

Don’t laugh because I’m reviewing a world music CD. There’s a lot of childhood memories in this.  My parents gave me a used copy of this on cassette when I was 6 years old in 1990! Only problem was the label fell off and I had no idea who the musician was. Regardless I wore […]

Don’t Be a “Gump”

In both writing and other social circles, I’m seeing more and more of a certain personality type. My coworkers have come to call this personality type, the “Gump.” They usually have a very outgoing, alpha personality (a bit different than the character portrayed by Tom Hanks). The real reason we call them a “Gump” is […]

Review: Dead Six

I was a bit nervous about getting into a story Correia shared with another author, but it was totally unwarranted. Correia and Kupari’s writing styles are similar enough that the book feels like it’s from one author, but different enough that each POV feels like a completely different person. From what I’ve heard (and correct […]

MLM Scams and the Poison They Spread

In 2002, I was a high school graduate looking for work. I did manual labor for my parents’ construction business for minimum wage and I got a W2, but it never felt like a “real job” because it was just given to me. So I hit the classifieds hard in my local paper. Craigslist was […]

Review: Farmers & Mercenaries

NOTE: This review is NOT for the Kindle version, but for the epub/pdf version Drake has available for back of room sales during his seminars.  On the technical side: the e-book came in a very nice DVD case that contained the awesome cover art and back of book blurb on the back so even though […]