Review: Magicide

I was looking to take a break from reading sci-fi and fantasy, so I took the opportunity to read and review CV Hamilton‘s critic’s copy of her Las Vegas murder mystery entitled “Magicide.”  Vegas detectives Cheri Raymer and Tony Pizzarelli put together the clues to solve the murder of Maxwell Beacham-Jones after he is horrifically […]

Why We Mourn Celebrity Deaths

Yesterday, everyone was surprised by the death of retired basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in the tragic Calabasas helicopter crash. Ten years ago, I would have wondered why everyone was freaking out. Had you died, Kobe probably would have no idea and would not have attended your funeral, so why make a […]

How I Misunderstood Patreon

Back in the early 2000s, I saw all sorts of content creators setting up “PayPal Tip Jars” on their web pages. I thought it was really cringy at the time, but I get it now, people want to get paid for their content, even if its people simply tipping them out of the goodness of […]

The “Sith Apprentice” Coworker

Everyone with a sense of drive wants to get ahead in life. Usually this is in the form of a promotion in the workplace. This goal entails an increase in both pay and prestige. The problem is–you guessed it–the spot above you need to become vacant.  In Star Wars, it is tradition for the apprentice […]

Star Wars Episode X: A Missed Opportunity

Warning: Mild spoilers for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Okay, so everyone’s been blowing up social media about Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and how inadequate it was for about the last month. I won’t bore you with another review, but I will give some thoughts on a missed […]

Review: Beasts Beneath the Flesh

Being the superficial reader that I am, I was intrigued by the book cover art that author Joe Colomban posted on Twitter for his upcoming book, Beasts Beneath the Flesh. The artwork by fantasy and sci-fi legend Boris Vallejo is a really cool throwback to the fantasy book covers of the mid-20th century featuring ripped […]

EARCS and Piracy

Yesterday on Twitter, indie author Jasmine Gold mentioned that she found her book on piracy websites. Due to the timing and file format, she believed that it was an EARC (electronic advanced reader copy) reader who released the book. Warning to writers new to self-publishing: When I published my novel last summer, some supposed reviewers […]

Schmagents: Perverted Predatory Agents

This one’s been blowing up big on Twitter the last 48 hours… When it comes to predatory agents, everyone instantly starts thinking of the schmagent-types trying to scam you out of your money. Stuff like the Edit Ink scam or ones who want to charge you upfront come to mind. Nope, we’re not talking about […]

Review: MIND- Two Short Tales of Horror

While I stopped to review the first half of “Soldiers of Earthrise Book 2,” I decided to give a quick read-through of EH Night’s third book, MIND. And this one is a QUICK one.  I’m not sure of the exact word length, but each story strikes me as on the cusp between flash fiction and […]

Goodbye Teens, Hello Roaring Twenties!

The Twenty-Teens were a decade of both calm regularity (Hey! No poop jokes!) and emotional whiplash. Lots of folks look back on what happened in their lives at the end of the decade and I’ll hop on the bandwagon myself. Hyperlinks are available if I’ve blogged about it. And if you’re wondering: Yes, I’m humble-bragging […]