Writing for Cheapskates: Why Use Linux as a Writer?

As the first of a series on saving money as a writer, this is a piece on why a writer would want to use Linux instead of Windows of Mac OS.  For those who don’t know, Linux is the third major option of operating system to run on your computer after Windows and Mac OS. […]

Eternal Shadow Advanced Copy

Another unscheduled blog today.  My advanced copy of Eternal Shadow just arrived in the mail today. It came with the signed copy of the novel, personalized letter, bookmark, and Khulu nameplate. Thank you so much for the chance to beta read your story and the advanced copy/swag. The letter means a lot to me. My […]

Abuse and Stalking of Literary Agents

I follow lots of literary agents on Twitter to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry. In what I would call a sub-trend of the #MeToo movement, I’ve seen so many of them post about abusive contact or creepy things prospective authors have done to them.  TLDR: BE PROFESSIONAL AND STOP WITH THE […]

Don’t Be “The Motormouth Narcissist Writer”

I’ve shied away from a lot of writer’s groups because most of them have that guy in it. You know who I’m talking about. It’s who I call the motormouth narcissist writer. I’ve been in two writer’s groups who have had this personality type among them and I hope you’re not one of them. They’re […]

Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference 2019

Note: I know I’m tardy on this review. I wanted to make sure it was comprehensive before I published this. From August 16-18, the wife and I attended the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference and had a blast. There were a few different tracks regarding different aspects of writing: fiction, nonfiction, editing, and publishing. Click […]

From Excelsior to Stratos

The following is a research paper I wrote for English 102 at The College of Southern Nevada’s Spring 2014 semester. As part of the research, I secured a phone interview with the legendary retired Colonel Joseph Kittinger. I’d rank this memory as one of the greatest in my life, right below getting married and sitting […]

Memories: Childhood Storytelling

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the idea of telling stories. When I had my old Nintendo at age 7, I enjoyed the fantasy world of “Wizards & Warriors 2” (yes, the one with Fabio on the box art). For a long time, I couldn’t beat the cloud stage and thought, “Screw this! […]