Happy 5th Anniversary to my Wife!

Here’s a special unscheduled blog post to wish my wife a happy 5th Anniversary. 

Don’t Be “The Motormouth Narcissist Writer”

I’ve shied away from a lot of writer’s groups because most of them have that guy in it. You know who I’m talking about. It’s who I call the motormouth narcissist writer. I’ve been in two writer’s groups who have had this personality type among them and I hope you’re not one of them. They’re […]

On Paternity Fraud

Early in my relationship with my wife, I exhibited some MAJOR trust issues. It’s seriously a miracle she stuck around to break through that wall. Desirea has proven to be a person to trust my life with (and I have), but I wasn’t always this way.  I think this “dodged bullet” in the story below […]

A Dog’s Purpose Part 1: Belle

Have you ever watched or read “A Dog’s Purpose”? It’s such a sad, yet heartwarming movie. You KNOW the dog’s spirit is immortal and will keep coming back, but every time he dies, it’s still tragic, because you’re feeling the loss of the owner. It sucks losing a dog.  For those who read my entry […]

From Excelsior to Stratos

The following is a research paper I wrote for English 102 at The College of Southern Nevada’s Spring 2014 semester. As part of the research, I secured a phone interview with the legendary retired Colonel Joseph Kittinger. I’d rank this memory as one of the greatest in my life, right below getting married and sitting […]

Meeting My Soulmate and How You Could Meet Yours

In my thirst for knowledge to further my writing, I attended a free class held by local writer Maxwell Alexander Drake at the Centennial Library. At the end of the class, a small group wanted to go out to eat. I joined them and met a wonderful woman by the name of Desirea (The A […]

Memories: Storytelling Now

In my last post about storytelling as a child, I wrote about how I had previously attempted to write a novella and it was pretty juvenile. In the years after, I messed with storytelling in other mediums such as film and games, but I hadn’t thought writing again until I had been going through a […]

Memories: Videography

Videography and movie editing was never one of my majors in college or high school, but it has always been something I’ve wanted to keep coming back to. Most of my video work is on Vimeo to watch.  In the late 80s, my parents got a VHS camcorder and for three years of my childhood, […]

Memories: Photography

My first digital camera experience was in high school yearbook class (2001-2002). I had access to a Sony Mavica camera (the one that recorded photos directly to a 3.5″ floppy disk) and it was pretty fun to use. We were in an awkward stage at the time where the yearbook department was starting to use […]

Memories: Childhood Storytelling

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the idea of telling stories. When I had my old Nintendo at age 7, I enjoyed the fantasy world of “Wizards & Warriors 2” (yes, the one with Fabio on the box art). For a long time, I couldn’t beat the cloud stage and thought, “Screw this! […]