Are you a Mormon (LDS)?

I’m not a member of the LDS (Mormon) Church, but I’ve been accused of being one of several occasions. Maybe it’s because I’m so friendly and clean-cut. I’ve got nothing against Mormons either. They’re some of the nicest people I know. Some of the best authors and doctors I know are Mormon. Most Mormons are […]

Atlanta Nights: 15th Anniversary and the Lessons it Taught Us

This year, the “novel” Atlanta Nights by a group of sci-fi authors under the pseudonym Travis Tea turns 15 and the lessons it teaches us are still as true as ever. Let’s go down memory lane and see what this “horrible” book is all about.  In the early 2000s, bookseller PublishAmerica was already under fire […]

You Are NOT in the Tour de France

When I was young, I learned about bike safety and I’m sure most of you did too. There’s lots of good advice for bicyclists that carries well into your adult years like wearing a helmet, using signals, having lights or reflectors on your bike/gear. But for some reason, grownups tend to forget one piece of […]

Goodbye Teens, Hello Roaring Twenties!

The Twenty-Teens were a decade of both calm regularity (Hey! No poop jokes!) and emotional whiplash. Lots of folks look back on what happened in their lives at the end of the decade and I’ll hop on the bandwagon myself. Hyperlinks are available if I’ve blogged about it. And if you’re wondering: Yes, I’m humble-bragging […]

That Friend Who Always Rains On Your Parade

This memory has been burning on my mind lately, so I’ll rant about it. Lots of social circles have that friend who will almost never be happy for anything good that happens in your life. They’ll always put you down. Seriously, why can’t you be happy when something happens to your friends? If you’re truly […]

Why I Love Terminator 1 and 2 SO MUCH!

Let’s rewind to the year 2001. I was a kid still and there were still only two Terminator movies. The franchise hadn’t yet been beaten to death by numerous sequels with yet another coming out today.  If they didn’t have such amazing predecessors before them, Terminator 3 and Salvation would have been decent movies. But […]

Why Breaking My Foot Was One of the Best Things to Happen to Me: Part 1

By late 2016, I was in a bit of a rut socially. I had gotten sick of hanging out at bars. I’ve never been a “bar person” to begin with and usually would never set foot in one unless there was some sort of event going on there (usually karaoke night).  I had even gotten […]

Eternal Shadow Advanced Copy

Another unscheduled blog today.  My advanced copy of Eternal Shadow just arrived in the mail today. It came with the signed copy of the novel, personalized letter, bookmark, and Khulu nameplate. Thank you so much for the chance to beta read your story and the advanced copy/swag. The letter means a lot to me. My […]

The Worst Dining Service Ever

For my father-in-law’s birthday, we took him to a chain Italian restaurant. I won’t name this place because I really don’t want their corporate office to take notice. They’ll probably try to suck up and give me a comp or discount, and I’m not looking for a handout.  Upon arriving, they sat us and we […]

A Dog’s Purpose Part 2: Lena

(Read Part 1 Here) Have you ever watched or read “A Dog’s Purpose”? It’s such a sad, yet heartwarming movie. You KNOW the dog’s spirit is immortal and will keep coming back, but every time he dies, it’s still tragic, because you’re feeling the loss the owner feels. It sucks losing a dog. In Part […]