While I stopped to review the first half of “Soldiers of Earthrise Book 2,” I decided to give a quick read-through of EH Night’s third book, MIND. And this one is a QUICK one.  I’m not sure of the exact word length, but each story strikes me as on the cusp between flash fiction and short story. You’ll get through both in a bout 20 minutes. 

As the description says, they’re tales of madness, horror, and depression and they’re both on the abstract side. That kind of stuff ended up not being for me, but that’s not a knock against the quality of writing. The prose was well-written and the mood reminded me of something I read in a Semiotext(e) short story compilation. 

The book cover is really creepy and alludes to the second story with the wolf mask. I won’t say any more about that one.  It was REALLY macabre. I can’t wait to read the redux of the second story which will be expanded into a full novel. 

So should you get this? It depends on how you like your short fiction. This review on another blog was from someone who had a better appreciation for the mystery of not giving the author everything. If you need to have all your questions answered, maybe pass this one up. 

MIND is available on Amazon. 

As an aside, I’d like to throw out a marketing tip for EH Night. Her Twitter following is a massive 21,000 people. An author can really do a lot with that in drumming up publicity for an upcoming book if they get creative. It’s probably not necessary for a book as short as this, but for the next full-size novel, it’d worth looking into.  

Definitely have a pre-order period and have some sort of promotion or giveaway to push that. Trevor Williams’s “Signal Detected” social media game was a fun and engaging way for social media followers to get the word out. Preorders all count as day-one sales and can really boost your Amazon rankings.