I was a bit nervous about getting into a story Correia shared with another author, but it was totally unwarranted. Correia and Kupari’s writing styles are similar enough that the book feels like it’s from one author, but different enough that each POV feels like a completely different person. From what I’ve heard (and correct me if I’m wrong), Kupari wrote all the Valentine chapters and Correia wrote the Lorenzo chapters. Normally head hopping in first person books is a kiss of death, but it works with two guys writing separate characters. The story reminds me of The Expendables but with much more emphasis on realism. That’s normally how I like my gunplay in fiction: either as realistic as possible (like this), or just completely over the top as possible (like a John Woo movie). I loved the conspiracies, the backstabbing, the violence. Correia has a loyal fan base for a reason. I would also love it if Kupari were to strike out on his own and write his own books. A big thank you to Kupari for his service to our country, and to Correia for his service in firearm education. And thanks to both authors for this awesome 700+ page outing. Looking forward to Swords of Exodus.

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