I don’t know why some guys do certain stupid things to women in an effort to get with them. Catcalling or telling a woman to “smile more” comes to the forefront of everyone’s minds when you talk about this kind of thing. Seriously, when has either of those actually worked for a guy? At the height of the #metoo movement in 2017, I was a bit surprised that the “creepo handshake” didn’t get much air time on social media while people were blasting men for doing the other two. 

So what is the creepo handshake? It’s when a guy shakes a woman’s hand upon meeting her and he waits way too long to let go. The woman may even struggle a bit to free her hand. I’ve seen this done a few times and it’s just really cringey to watch. You see the uncomfortable look in the woman’s eyes and the creep looking like a desperate doofus. Any dudes out there, please add this to your list of things to NEVER do if you meet a woman. It will get you absolutely nowhere.