Trevor Williams and I have been Twitter associates for roughly the last year and a half. We beta-read each other’s manuscripts and I was in for a helluva treat when I got his. Eternal Shadow will be releasing in about two months and I’ve got a nice sneek peek for you. 

It’s the edge-of-your-seat story of Samantha and Jennifer, two SETI scientists, who discover a planet-killer headed for Earth. They team up with Muzie, an aerospace mogul from Africa to create intelligent solutions to save the world. 

Here’s my review which has been posted to Goodreads:

Trevor gave me an early look at this book and it was a fantastic read. If you’re at all into intelligent, hard sci-fi (like The Martian), or if you enjoyed aerospace-related docu-dramas (like Apollo 13), I cannot recommend this enough. I won’t mention anything about the story beyond the description by the author since I felt it would cheat the reader. I personally went in knowing nothing, and I thought it gave me a richer experience. I will say that the perfect storm of characters, events, and places give the story a very “real” feeling. I was on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what would happen to the characters and the world. Lots of events will take you by surprise and the ending is a good one.

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Eternal Shadow is currently available for preorder. The book drops on November 9, 2019. Check out for more info and how to preorder through other outlets.